How do I know which photographer to choose?

Besides being in your budget, take a look at their photography style. Do you like the look and feel of their images, if so, this is how your pictures will look. LuRen ensures all their clients are happy with the vendors they work with.

I don’t want to go over budget and need centerpieces, what can I do?

Brides tend to purchase most of the items used for their centerpieces. Start with family and friends to see what they would consider lending you for your special day. Other options could be bridal events, consignment shops and social media posts. Be creative and have fun finding the pieces you need.

I have more people I want to invite to our wedding but can’t because we’d go over budget. How can I have everyone there?

It’s your big day and of course you want to share it with everyone. Sticking to your budget is also very important. To include the people who can’t be there, you can live-stream your wedding, post pictures on Instagram or record fun short videos on Snapchat. By giving them a wedding day play-by play, they won’t miss a thing and will feel like they were apart of it.

I want to get a wedding dress in a color other than white or ivory. Will I regret this decision in the future because of short lived trends?

You should never regret any decisions you make on your wedding day. If you love color buy a wedding dress in color or if you think it’s too much add accent pieces with your favorite color in it. It’s the one day you get to show everyone what you’ve been dreaming of.